Jackpot of the BetBoss Bookmaker – review

BetBoss is an original participant of the Kenya and Africa bookmaker market. This company maximally simplified the drawing of big money both for itself and for users. The entire site is dedicated to the  tote of 13 events, in which the best of the best can win a prize of up to 100 million shillings, putting only 100.

Description of the BetBoss bookmaker tote

BetBoss Jackpot is a game-totalizator in which participants need to make predictions for 13 football matches. You must specify the result of each match, choosing from three options – a home win, a draw, a win for the guests.

The service has been operating since 2008 under the management of White Rhino Ventures Limited. The activity of the tote is licensed in accordance with the requirements of the Kenya Office of control and licensing bets.

BetBoss pays great attention to responsible participation in gambling and seeks to make them fun, not a pernicious habit. The site has a special section where users are given tips on how to maintain a healthy approach to gambling and participation in the tote. In addition, the company checks the legality of the presence of players on the site – for full access to the deposit and withdrawal of funds, you must confirm the identity and age.

BetBoss allows users to contact support for self-exclusion for a period of 7 days to completely abandon the game.

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BetBoss Jackpot Rules

Jackpot tote – is a game-totalizer in which many participants make predictions for 13 events. At the end of all the matches participating in the draw, the most successful predictors are awarded. BetBoss pays out prizes in two formats:

  • Standard jackpot draw. Users who guessed 11, 12 or 13 results are awarded. Those who called 11 correct answers will receive 100.000 Sh each. For 12 answers – 200.000 Sh, and for 13 answers – 5.000.000 Sh.
  • Super Jackpot. The main prize is taken by the user who guessed the result of all 13 games, and each team scored at least one goal.

A ticket for participation in one draw costs 100 shillings.

You can buy it at any time, until the earliest match from the selection has started.

Additional rules:

  • You can buy multiple tickets for one draw.
  • The result of the match is determined by the score that was recorded at the end of the second half. Goals scored in extra time or a penalty shootout are not counted.
  • If the match was canceled, interrupted or reassigned to another day, it is replaced with a backup option. There are 5 backup options. If no more matches have been played, the draw is canceled – the money is returned to the players.
  • In case of winning, the maximum amount for withdrawal per transaction is 70,000 shillings. It is sent to the account automatically. The rest must be put on the withdrawal manually.
  • If you have two or more tickets for one drawing, then you can only make changes to the one that was issued last.


To register on the site tote, you must specify three personal details:

  • Username
  • Telephone number
  • 4-digit secret code for authorization

After that, you can go to your personal account to deposit the account and start playing.

Deposit and withdrawal

BetBoss tote only supports one way to top up user accounts – M-PESA. Transactions are processed in the standard way – through the phone menu. You need to go to the section Lipan a M-PESA and select a payment to business number 290442. The account number must indicate the selection of the results of the current draw. For example, 1X21X1XX122X2.

When sending an amount larger than 100 shillings, 100 is used to register for the draw, and the rest goes into the wallet. Money from it can be calculated when buying tickets in the future.


On the BetBoss website there are no additional bonuses for new or previously registered users.


To solve technical and financial problems, as well as questions about the rules, you can contact the support service through the following communication channels:

  • email help@betboss.co.ke
  • by phone 0703 065 777
  • through the company’s Facebook page – BetBoss Jackpot. Customer support usually responds to messages within an hour.

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